If you’ve ever been dinged by your lady for not being romantic or attentive, join the club. We know it’s not because you don’t care or think the world of her. For many men it’s as simple as not knowing what to do. The good news is that small gestures go a long way and the Yacho Squad is loaded with ideas to share.

So without further ado, here’s a list of 5 super-easy actions you can take to let her know she’s still your one-and-only.

  1. Post an old photo of you two on Facebook
    Dig up a photo of you two from that past. You know, one from when you were younger and first dating, then post it to Facebook for all to see. You don’t even need to comment, though a quick note would be icing on the cake. She’ll see it know you’re thinking of her.
  2. Hold her hand
    The simple act of holding hands has so much impact. It’s you telling the world that your hers. So ask her to go for a walk, then take her hand. Or take her hand in the parking lot when you’re walking into the supermarket, store, or restaurant.
  3. Draw a stick figure couple
    You don’t need any skills to draw two stick figures holding hands and it only takes 15 seconds. Put your name over one stick figure, hers over the other, then put the drawing on the refrigerator door. So easy, so awesome.
  4. Text her in the middle of the day
    You have her number, use it. Send her a text message. No need to even come up with anything clever to say, just text her some heart emojis or that blowing kisses face. This is one you can do often.
  5. Jot a message on the bathroom mirror
    OK, this one possibly requires a run to the store. Get yourself a dry-erase marker if you don’t have one. Then, draw something on the bathroom mirror that she’ll find next time she’s in there. Maybe your and her initials inside a heart. Leave the marker there so you can jot stuff on the mirror whenever the moment strikes you.

These are tiny gestures that take seconds to do. Individually, each will remind her you still care, but if you do them all over the course of a month, she will begin to feel truly appreciated and loved. And she’ll likely start to brag to her friends and family about you. What could make you feel more manly than having your lady tell everyone how awesome you are?

See you round like a donut.

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